Dr. David Gregory LaFazia


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To put my strengths and skills to their best use and where they are most needed.

Primary Strengths:  Interpersonal, Organizational; Technological.  

Specialties:  STEM & CTE/Trades-based Education, School and Industry Outreach, Research Projects, Data-Driven Decision Making; Project- and Problem- Based Learning.

Mottos:  "When in doubt, give me a shout!" | "See a need; fill a need."


Ed.D. in Educational Leadership January 2012 — August 2016

University of Delaware
Concentration:  Curriculum, Technology, and Higher Education.  
Executive Position Paper Topic: Reframing Conceptual Physics: Improving Relevance to Elementary Education and Sonography Majors

M.S. in Teaching Physics May 2007 — August 2010

Delaware State University
Research Focus:  Empowering and training teachers in the creative use of technology, science concepts, and instructional strategies at all levels in the classroom

B.A. in Physics Education August 2001 — May 2005

University of Delaware
NCATE Accredited Professional Education Program Certification - earned Highly Qualified Teacher status
Research Focus:  Computational physics applications in the analysis of subDwarf star spectral data
Minor: History

H.S. Diploma in Electrical Trades August 1997 — May 2001

Sussex Technical High School
Graduated in Top Ten of class
Major: Electrical Trades

Work experience

Delaware Technical Community College April 2011 — Present

Energy Technologies Department Chairperson, Renewable Energy Technologies Instructor
     Department oversight for Refrigeration/HVAC, Construction Management, Energy
          Management, and Renewable Energy Solar programs
     Classroom and laboratory instruction; advisement-as-teaching
     Curriculum development
     Instructional strategies support for full-time and part-time instructors
     Outreach (prospective students and business/educational partners)
     Accreditation processes and program reviews
     Budgetary oversight
     Collegewide coordination with shared programs
     Service through campus activities and multiple internal and external committees
     Work-Experience / Cooperative Education placement, advisement, and coordination

Cape Henlopen High School August 2005 — April 2011

Physics Instructor
     Curriculum development and instruction
     Highly qualified and tenured
     Participation in Delaware State Science Standards revision processes
     Laboratory development and implementation
     Robotics Co-Advisor (M.A.T.E. competitions)
     Science Olympiad Co-Advisor
     Delaware Science Fair Co-Advisor
     Drama Club Teacher Sponsor

Delaware Technical Community College, Department of Mathematics & Physics May 2009 — April 2011

Physics Adjunct Instructor, Part-Time
     Classroom and laboratory instruction
     Lesson development (including hybridization of traditionally face-to-face materials)

Delaware State University / DE Department of Education Partnership May 2010 — August 2010

Online Instructor, Contract
     Full curriculum development and instruction in an online environment for grades eight
          through 12 science instructors
     Complete detailed reports on curriculum effectiveness, participant engagement, and 

NASA Education Research Partnership, University of Delaware June 2009 — August 2010

Research Partner, Contract
     Marine science / oceanography curriculum development and research
     Integration of simulations and educational technology strategies into curriculum materials
     Coordination of National Science Standards with Delaware and other state standards
     Partnership and communication of work/findings with stakeholders

The funding for this project was provided by NASA Research Announcement (NRA) NNH07ZDA001N, Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES-2007), Program Element A.21, New Investigator Program (NIP) in Earth Science.

University of Delaware, Department of Physics & Astronomy May 2004 — August 2005

Research Assistant, Part-Time
     Data analysis and comparison
     Report writing on findings and next steps
     Research on subDwarf star spectral data through computational analysis
     Computational Physics programming (ForTran programming language)

Delaware Technical Community College, Learning Center August 2001 — August 2002

Peer Tutor and Teacher's Aide, Part-Time
     Provided tutoring in Maths, Science, and Spanish courses
     Grading of student assignments (as Teacher's Aide)

LaFazia Construction May 2001 — August 2005

Laborer, Seasonal
     General contractor's assistant, laborer
     Concrete, masonry, plaster work, demolition, basic carpentry

Prior experience also includes general maintenance, cashier-work, and service.  Details available upon request.


Educational Administration, NCATE Accredited Professional Education Unit (Institutional Recommendation for Certification) Awarded 08/16/2016

New Faculty Development Program (NFDP) graduate, Delaware Technical Community College - mentored Computer Information Systems Instructor (2013-2015), Automotive Technology Department Chair (2016-2018), Social Science Department Chair (2016-2018); Commercial Transportation Department Chair (2017-present).

Teacher of Physics Grades 9-12 (Valid 5-8 in a Middle School) - Effective 09/01/2005

School Principal and Assistant School Principal - Effective 09/01/2013

Instructional Organization and Development Training:
     Understanding by Design (UbD)
     Project CRISS (CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies)
     Learning Focused Strategies (LFS)

Other Relevant Training and Experience:
     NextAire Multi-Zone Gas Heat Pump Systems (Installation & Commissioning),
          IntelliChoice completed July 8, 2011
     Stewards of Children training (via Darkness to Light) certificate earned June 21, 2013
     Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative - Human Subjects Protection,
          completed September 6, 2014
     M- and P-Series Field Service Course, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating
          completed October 29, 2015
     Chesapeake Utilities / YANMAR Energy Systems educational seminar - Natural Gas-
          Drive VRF Heat Pumps and Small-Scale CHP Systems completed June 12, 2017
     Delaware Technical Community College's Supervisory Training Program - completing
          April 2018
     Delaware Technical Community College's Leadership Development Program - completing
          May 2019

Best practices in staying relevant include frequent participation in webinars, identification of key conferences to attend, subscription to focused listserves, and ongoing, purposeful collaboration with colleagues and industry or institutional partners.  
Additional training includes sundry education and robotics seminars and workshops.

Secondary School Teaching Experience

Physics of the Dynamic Universe (Applied, College Preparatory, and Honors)
AP Physics AB
Physical Science (College Preparatory and Honors)
Chemistry (College Preparatory)

Post Secondary Teaching Experience

Instructional Division:

     DMS110 - Acoustical Physics
     MAT010 - Pre-Algebra
     NRG101 - Introduction to Energy Management
     NRG103 - Sustainability (SOC103 - Sustainability and Society)
     NRG124 - Energy Efficient Methods
     NRG142 - Energy Accounting
     NRG154 - Alternative Energy Technologies
     NRG200 - Solar Energy Systems
     NRG204 - Cooperative Education in Solar
     NRG206 - Cooperative Education in Energy Management
     NRG207 - NABCEP Solar Entry Level Prep
     NRG226 - Building Mechanical and Electrical Systems Analysis
     NRG241 - Energy Investment Analysis
     NRG250 - Energy Accounting and Investment Analysis
     OAT152 - Excel Level I
     PHY111 - Conceptual Physics
     PHY120 - Energy Physics (course developer)
     PHY205 - General Physics I
     Math Center instruction/tutoring

Workforce Development and Community Education Division:

Curriculum Review and Revisions:
     EYI800 - Watersheds and Their Impact on the Environment
     EYI935 - Surface Water Treatment Online
     EYI946 - Chlorination Technology
     EYI956 - Pumps, Motors and Controls
     EYI977 - Ethics in Engineering
     EYI979 - Innovative and Alternative Onsite Systems

Development and/or Instruction:
     EYI252 - Base Level Water Operator's Certification Exam
     EYT264 - Basic Electricity
     EYI-tbd - Distribution Certification Exam
     EYI-tbd - Tracking Water Movement with Flow Meters
     EYI810 - Performing Energy Audits for Water/Wastewater Facilities
     ENU914 - Solar Power, Energizing the Future (Ages 7-13)
     EYI945 - Creating a Successful Asset Management Program
     EYT992 - Job Hazard Analysis
     Water/Wastewater Professional Math - in progress

Grant Experience

Housing and Urban Development Grant (HUD-1) - Narrative writing in followup to equipment purchases and usage.

Delaware Technical Community College Faculty Grant - $2200 - For the development of laboratory activities and curricular approaches addressing specific skillset needs of Energy program majors.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College & Career Training (TAACCCT) round one - instructional participant Delaware Technical Community College.

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR-II) - assessment participant and curriculum reviewer Delaware Technical Community College.

Oversight of the Owens Campus STEM Mini Grants 2016-17 (EPSCoR-II) - funding provided to STEM Expo participating programs to directly stimulate and promote middle school outreach initiatives.

Delmarva Power (Pepco/Exelon) Contribution - funding provided to develop an Energy pathway for secondary school students and support the existing Energy programs - instructional participant Delaware Technical Community College.

Training in basic National Science Foundation-based grant writing through High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HITEC) pre-conference workshops.

Presentations & Workshops

Downstate Quest & Dupont - "World Year of Physics 2005" - November 10th, 2005.  Theme: Physical Science Demonstrations with Peter Parlett (Assistant Presenter)

Delaware Department of Education & Delaware State University - "Science In Motion" - August 6th through 10th, 2007.  Topic: Probe Technology - Using Probe Technology to Enhance Science Instruction (Assistant Presenter)

Upward Bound Math & Science, Delaware Technical Community College - "STEM Exploration" - July 22nd, 2013.  Theme: Energy House Crime Scene Investigation (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Teaching & Learning Expo" - August 14th & 15th, 2013.  Topic: Meaningful Assessment - Types, Purpose, and Strategies (Presenter)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Owens Campus STEM Expo" - March 27th, 2014.  Focus: STEM Careers for Delaware High School Students (Coordinator)

Millsboro Public Library - "Science Night" - June 19th, 2014.  Theme: Science Demonstrations and Experiments with David LaFazia (Presenter)

Upward Bound Math & Science, Delaware Technical Community College - "STEM Exploration" - July 17th, 2014.  ThemeChoose Your Own [Energy] Game! (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Instructional Innovation Conference" - August 14th, 2014.  Topic: What Does Quality Instruction at Delaware Tech Look Like? (Presenter)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Academic Summit" - December 17th, 2014.  Topic: Energy Technologies - Promising Practices in One-College Advisory Committees (Co-Presenter)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Owens Campus STEM Expo" - March 26th, 2015.  FocusWomen in STEM (Coordinator)

First State Community Action Agency, La Casita Outreach Program- "Exploring Science Together - Science Fair" - April 25th, 2015.  Theme: Things are Really Heating Up (Coordinator)

Upward Bound Math & Science, Delaware Technical Community College - "STEM Field Explorations" - June 25th, 2015.  ThemeTools of the Trade (Coordinator)

Upward Bound Math & Science, Delaware Technical Community College - "Exploration Event" - July 2nd, 2015.  ThemePhysics and the Human Body (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Staff Professional Development Day - Great Race" - July 9th, 2015.  Theme: Circuits Challenge (Activity Coordinator)

Millsboro Public Library - "Science Night" - July 9th, 2015.  ThemeEco-Heroes! (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Owens Campus STEM Expo" - March 17th, 2016.  FocusForming Career and Community Connections (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Interactive Workshop for Students, Faculty, and Staff" - March 22nd, 2016.  Topic: Reaching for Your Goals:  Lessons from Physics (Coordinator and Presenter)

Phi Theta Kappa - "Nerd Nation 2016" - April 8th, 2016.  Topic: Reaching for Your Goals:  Lessons from Physics  (Educational Forum Leader)

First State Community Action Agency, La Casita Outreach Program- "Exploring Science Together - Science Fair" - April 23rd, 2016.  ThemePhysics Explorations (Coordinator)

Millsboro Public Library - "Science Night" - July 14th, 2016.  ThemeHuman Body Physics - Stronger Than You Think! (Presenter)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Instructional Innovation Conference:  EdCamp" - August 18th, 2016.  Topic: Conceptual Physics - Improving Relevance in Instruction  (Co-Coordinator)

Millsboro Middle School - "Middle School Science Demonstrations" - March 10th, 2017.  Theme: Tour de Physics (Presenter)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Owens Campus STEM Expo" - March 23rd, 2017.  FocusSTEM is for Everyone (Coordinator)

First State Community Action Agency, La Casita Outreach Program- "Exploring Science Together - Science Fair" - April 29th, 2017.  ThemeRenewable Energy and You (Coordinator)

University of Delaware, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment - "Teacher Workshop" - July 13th, 2017.  Theme: Investigating Renewables and Energy Efficiency (Guest Presenter)

Millsboro Public Library - "Science Night" - July 20th, 2017.  ThemeBuilding a Better World - Solar Energy (Presenter)

Millsboro Middle School - "Middle School Science Demonstrations" - January 16th, 2018.  ThemeMaking "YOUR World" Science Connections (Presenter)

Cub Scouts of America, Pack 95 - "STEM Night" - April 18th, 2018.  Theme: Wind Power - Competition and Cooperation (Coordinator)

Delaware Technical Community College - "Owens Campus STEM Expo" - March 15th, 2018.  FocusSTEM is Everywhere (Coordinator)

Additional presentations include ongoing program recruitment outreach in K-12 settings and other internal presentations.

Honors, Awards, and Offices

Student Delegate to the United Nations, International Order of Oddfellows (1999)
National Honor Society (inducted 2001)
National Vocational Technical Honor Society (inducted 2001)
National Spanish Honor Society (inducted 2001)
Society of Physics Students (officer, 2001-2005)
Horizon Advisor Award, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (2015)
Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year, Delaware Technical Community College, Owens Campus (2016)

Early honors, awards, and offices also include multiple Local and State SkillsUSA VICA awards (and competition at the National level), Sussex Technical High School Band (founding member and officer), Sussex County Honors Band (1st chair multiple years, trombone soloist), and other academic and extracurricular venues (e.g., math league, calculator club; various scholarships).  

Later awards - earned with my students at the high school levels - were earned from participation in State, Regional, and International competitions and events.  Additional recognition was earned by my college students during my tenure as a Phi Theta Kappa international honor society advisor.

Service and Associations

Contributions to Delaware Technical Community College:
TAACCCT Review Committee - Member, Collegewide (2011-2012)
Energy House Dedication Committee - Member, Owens Campus (2011-2012)
Refrigeration, Heating and Air-Conditioning Technology Program - Collegewide Lead (2011-present)
Energy Programs Advisory Committee - Co-chair, Collegewide (2011-2017)
Refrigeration/HVAC Advisory Committee - Chair, Owens Campus (2011-present)
Energy Rangers - Co-chair, Owens Campus (2013-present)
Advisement Committee - Member, Owens Campus (2013-2014)
Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Epsilon Epsilon - Co-advisor, Honors in Action research lead, Owens Campus (2013-2016)
Supplemental Instruction Task Force - Member, Collegewide (2014)
Energy Technologies Advisement Team - Chair, Owens Campus (2014-present)
STEM Expo - Coordinator, Owens Campus (2014-present)
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee - Committee Member, Owens Campus (2014-2017)
Faculty Council - Department Chair/Coordinator Sub-Committee - Co-chair, Owens Campus (2014-2017)
Community Partners Breakfast Planning Committee - Member and Co-presenter, Owens Campus (2016-2017)
Construction Management Advisory Committee - Co-chair, Collegewide (2017-present)
Budget Committee - Member, Owens Campus (2017-present)
Career Services Responsibilities Working Group - Member, Collegewide (2017)
Employee Recognition Planning Committee - Member, Owens Campus (2018)
Multiple mentorships of instructors and new department chairpersons

Contributions to the Profession:
Cengage Learning "STEM Problem-Based Learning, Renewable Technologies" - Textbook Reviewer (2016)
University of Delaware, Doctoral Dissertation "Reframing Conceptual Physics: Improving Relevance to Elementary Education and Sonography Majors" - Doctoral Candidate Researcher (2016)

Contributions to the Local/State/National Community:
Delaware Science Olympiad - Proctor and (Former) Board Member (2005-2011, 2018-present)
National Science Olympiad - Proctor (2009)
Delaware Odyssey of the Mind - Technical Advisor, Sussex Academy of Arts & Science (2013-2014)
Delaware Technology Student Association - Event Proctor (2013-present)
Worcester Technical High School HVAC/R Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2013-present)
National Youth Science Camp - Selection Judge, Delaware (2014-present)
Presidential Award for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching - Selection Judge, Delaware (2014-2016)
Sussex Technical High School HVAC/R Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2015-present)
Worcester Technical High School Renewable Energy Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2015-2017)
American College Personnel Association - Program Reviewer (2015-present)
Sussex Technical High School Electrical Trades and Green Technologies Advisory Committee  - Higher Education Representative (2016-2017)
Dover High School HVAC/R Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2016-present)
J.M. Tawes Technology & Career Center HVAC/R Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2017-present)
Sussex Central High School Agricultural Structural, Technical and Engineering Systems Pathway Advisory Committee - Higher Education Representative (2017-present)
Boy Scouts of America - Cub Scout Lion Guide / Den Leader, Troop 95 (2017-present)
Sussex County STEM Alliance - Member (2017-present)

Current Associations:
Association of Energy Engineers - Member (2017-present)

Past Associations:
Society of Physics Students - Officer (2002-2005)
American Association of Physics Teachers - Member (2004-2009)
American Institute of Physics - Member (2004-2009)
National Education Association - Member (2005-2011)
Delaware State Educator's Association - Member (2005-2011)
Cape Henlopen Educator's Association - Member (2005-2011)
Council on Undergraduate Research - Member (2015-2016)
American Solar Energy Society - Professional Member (2013-2017)



English - Fluent Conversational, Reading; Writing Proficiency
Spanish - Basic Conversational, Reading; Writing Proficiency
Arabic - Foundational Writing and Reading Proficiency

Computer Languages and Proficiencies:

Formula Translating System (Fortran) – Functional Proficiency, Computational Physics applications
C/C++ –  Basic Proficiency, subroutine use
RobotC – Basic Proficiency, robotics controls
HTML – Strong Proficiency, Web Site development and maintenance applications

Proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS), computational (e.g., MatLab, MAPLE), and laboratory technology computer applications


Bobbi Barends, Ph.D.
V.P. and Campus Director, Owens Campus
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: bbarends@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.259.6020

Christy Moriarty, M.Ed.
Dean of Instruction, Owens Campus
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: cmoriart@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.259.6030

Zoubeida R. DagherPh.D.
Professor, School of Education
University of Delaware
E-mail: zoubeida@udel.edu
Phone: 302.831.1667

Michael H. Buoni
, Ed.D.
Biology Instructor, Department of Science, Owens
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: michael.buoni@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.259.6539

Hilary Valentine, M.S.
Educational Training Specialist and Department Chair, Owens
Workforce Development and Community Education
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: hvalent2@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.259.6384

Kathy Vezmar, Ed.D.
Mathematics & Physics Department Chair, Owens
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: kvezmar@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.259.6595

Cory Budischak, Ph.D.
Energy Technologies Department Chair, Stanton
Delaware Technical Community College
E-mail: cbudisch@dtcc.edu
Phone: 302.453.3099

Proudest Achievements

Owens Campus STEM Expo community-participant numbers rose by 700% within four years (2014-2017).  Participation held at an appropriate level.

The Refrigeration/HVAC program female student population increased from a constant, historical 0% of enrollment to close to 10% within five years (2011 to 2016).  Addressing this demographics gap has been a specific outreach focus of the program during my time as Department Chairperson.

Achieved program re-accreditation for the Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning Technology program (2012-2017 and 2018-2023) through the Partnership for Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Accreditation (PAHRA).

Accepted into the 10th class of Delaware Technical Community College's Leadership Development Program.  Selection into the 20-month program is competitive.

Met Licensure and Certification requirements of the Professional Standards Board for School Principal and Assistant School Principal.

Long term Aspirations

My driving interest is in being useful and making the most of my skills in ever more efficient and effective ways.  Personal and professional growth is important to me, and I always look for ways to strengthen relationships, build partnerships, increase understanding, and work smarter.  I am very much interested in data-based decision making at all levels.
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